4×4 Accounting

We’ll drive your business where other accountants hit the brakes


If you think accountants are staid, grey-suited individuals who talk to you once a year to tell you to do HMRC’s tax bidding – well, we don’t blame you.

(In fact, many accountants, if they were cars, would be underpowered).

With our 4 x 4 Accounting approach, this kind of go-slow mediocrity isn’t an option. Instead, inspired by our ‘other life’ as off-road Land Rover racers, we go places other accountants simply wouldn’t, and ride effortlessly over terrain they’d get bogged down in – whilst fully involving you in the route planning.

We’ll get our wheels into anything that helps your business fulfil its obligations but enables you to keep everything that is rightfully yours.

(And the only grey we like is primer).

Accounting that goes anywhere, for clients everywhere

When we say we ‘go anywhere’, it doesn’t just mean that we’ll plumb depths and scale heights to find every last piece of information that will give HMRC a true picture of what you and your business are entitled to, (although this is a big part of it, of course).

It also means that we’re not afraid to challenge convention or do things differently to other accountants, and that we’re flexible enough to apply that same philosophy across varied types of clients and services.

We speak to you in plain English, not jargon, by phone or email, and we’ll talk whenever you need us. We have fixed fees, so we have no vested interest in racking up the hours. And you deal with the same experienced accountant every time, who knows you and your business, not a locum or a ‘temp’.

And because we’re used to handling beefy off-roaders– not just flying a desk – we’re not afraid to shift things up a gear where required, too, helping your entire business to go further, faster (not just do more of the same.)

Here are just a few examples of what we deliver, to who, and why it’s different.

Startups: helping your rubber hit the road

Startups and new businesses need help with more than just incorporation if they’re going to get off the starting line at speed, but many accountants go quiet once the form-filling is complete.

Not us. We help our startup clients to structure their business tax-efficiently, set up accounting systems to ease the pain of billing and cashflow, connect with the right people to deal with employment contracts and insure the business against risk, and much more besides.

Learn how we help startups

Established businesses: tuning up your performance

The last thing an established, growing business needs is admin overheads that get in the way of shaping and streamlining its core business.

Unlike most accountants, we’re always trackside, making sure it doesn’t happen! We take care of your filings and submissions, get the paper-chasing off your desk, help you plan for cashflow, tax and growth, and show you how to supercharge your business through management buyouts, restructuring, computerisation, and more.

Learn how we help established businesses

Individuals and personal taxation: showing you the right route

Your business exists to pay you everything you have a right to earn from it – but sometimes it can feel like HMRC exists to ignore much of the information that clarifies those entitlements!

We tolerate mud on our off-roaders but we won’t take murkiness from HMRC – and we tell them so. We get you exactly what you deserve, by managing your tax returns, ensuring HMRC has complete information, sorting out assets and inheritance tax, and generally guiding you down tax-efficient routes, now and in the future.

Learn how we help individuals

Everything else we can do for you

  • Bookkeeping and payroll: keeping everything ticking over – The day to day machinery of accounting is bookkeeping and payroll; unless that engine runs smoothly, everything else grinds to a halt! We can give you as much or as little help with this as your business needs, from occasional VAT return checks, to weekly or monthly reconciliations, HMRC-compliant real-time salary submissions, and much more.

  • Systems, procedures, records and auditWe won’t leave you limping along on three cylinders with systems, procedures and records that aren’t fit for purpose! We’ve had many years’ experience in advising business owners on their internal systems, both financial and non-financial, and we can work with registered auditors to certify the outcome of our recommendations.

  • Associate services: we go beyond the standard ‘financials’ – We’ve got a lot more under the bonnet than most accountants have! Working through our extensive network of trusted associates, we can help you deal with specialist tax planning, as well as critical non-financial processes like will-writing, trusts, probate, and lasting power of attorney.

4 X 4 ACCOUNTING – showing accountants everywhere a clean pair of heels!

Come and experience what 4 x 4 Accounting feels like (and why it’s got some of the Sunday drivers in our profession worried!)

To make this even easier, the first meeting with us is free and we have ample free parking at our offices in Olney, which is easily accessible from Bedford, Milton Keynes, Northampton and the M1.

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