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Go-anywhere accountants take your business further, faster


Imagine your small or medium business is a car. Whether it’s a limited company, partnership, or sole trader, you own it, you run it, you know its quirks and characteristics, and usually it ticks over nicely.

But when a steep curve or a slippery route comes your way, you need more traction. That’s when the mechanic just shrugs and tells you they didn’t build the vehicle.

This is how a lot of accountants work. But not us…

We’re the kind of accountants who get our hands dirty under the bonnet of your business. We make sure your driving wheels are always reaching for the horizon, however challenging the road.

We’ll tell you (in plain English) what’s round the bend ahead, tune your business and coach your driving to power through it, and keep talking to you – like a good co-driver should. And we’ll do all this for a fixed fee.

And the paperwork? Do it all online through our Client Portal, day or night, wherever and whenever suits you best.

You’ll accelerate through it like it’s not even there. Meanwhile, we’ll put the pedal to the metal to get it all finalised and to the authorities in short order – avoiding mistakes, penalties, and overpayments.

We call our approach 4 x 4 Accounting – and it will take your business further, faster, sooner.

What 4 x 4 Accounting delivers to your business – and why it’s different

We look after all your compliance and filing deadlines, of course – but that’s where the similarity to traditional grey-suited accountancy practices ends!

Most accountants are simply passengers – but we’re your navigator. We follow the road with a fresh pair of eyes, calling out the opportunities and hazards, and keeping your business on track.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We prepare and submit – so you don’t have to. Annual accounts, tax returns, management accounts – when you’re running a business, filing and compliance can seem like reading a complex map at the same time as trying to keep your wheels on a rough road. Leave it to us – you’ll get where you’re going quicker.
  • We plan for you better – because we know you. With us, you’ll always deal with the same accountant, so you’ll always get a tailored, personalised approach, whether it’s for budgets and cashflows, business evaluation and growth, tax, R&D tax credits, succession planning, or any other service.
  • We listen, but we also talk. We’re not the kind of accountants who talk to you once a year when your accounts are due (because that would mean we only listen to you once a year, too). We believe in dialogue – regular, open, ongoing, and in plain English, not accountant-speak. Phone or email – you choose.
  • We stay with you for the long haul. Our network of trusted associates – specialists in tax and estate planning, exit planning, inheritance tax, R&D tax relief, business acquisitions and disposals, and more – enables us to add value at every stage of your business lifecycle.
  • We help you change your business for the better. We don’t think filing accounts is the objective of accountancy. We think it’s about helping you through changes that can add real value to your business, like management buy-outs, business restructuring, review of systems and procedures, helping you to move to computerised accounting, and more.
  • We take care of the admin – From company formation, to bookkeeping and payroll, to company secretarial services and registered office procedures, there’s always an admin overhead waiting in the wings to eat up hours and resource you don’t have. We get this off your desk so you can focus on building a profitable business.

4 x 4 Accounting: jump on the footplate!

If you sometimes feel that your accountant is just a glorified tax collector, interested only in getting the returns in and the fee note out, it’s time you sampled the 4 x 4 Accounting experience!

To make this even easier, the first meeting is free and we have ample free parking at our offices in Olney, which is easily accessible from Bedford, Milton Keynes, Northampton and the M1.

We look forward to meeting you soon and introducing you to 4×4 Accounting click here and let us move your business up a gear!

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