About Us

Accountancy done the all-terrain way

aboutYes, we have a high street office. Yes, we’re accountants. Now forget everything else you think you know about us, because we do things differently!

  • We’re all about 4 x 4 – Not just because that’s what we drive in our spare time, but because that’s how we deliver our services to you.

    We won’t steer away from obstacles, avoid rocky ground or take the easiest path, just to get your signature on a declaration – because we don’t have to!

    We’ve got enough in the tank and under the bonnet to tackle the difficult ground and get your startup or established business to its next destination, not just its next compliance deadline.

  • We run businesses too. We’ve set up and run our own business in addition to setting up and running our accountancy practice.

    So we know the challenges and the pitfalls of being in the driving seat, and we’ve learnt how to negotiate the ever-growing red tape.

    This is all experience that we bring to bear on the fixed-fee services we deliver to you – including managing your individual and personal taxation, too.

  • We set up and support businesses of all kinds. From lorry drivers, landlords, and leadwork conservation specialists, management consultancies and publishers, to cake makers, cabinet makers and ceramicists – via yoga specialists and clothing retailers – we’ve proven that there isn’t a startup we can’t help start up, or an established small/medium-sized business we can’t help operate efficiently.

    Whatever your business vision runs on, we’re there to fuel it but keep the essentials (like bookkeeping and payroll) firmly on the road, as well as advise you on more challenging journeys through your systems, procedures and records.

  • We’re digital, to make your life easier. Many accountants haven’t evolved beyond paper and forms (do they drive Ford Anglias, too?) and that’s for one reason only: because it makes life easier for them.

    We think that’s putting the engine in the wrong way round – and so we invested in our Client Portal to get you away from paper, postage and hardcopy storage, and connect you to easier online ways of doing things.

    Plus, we moved our accounting systems to the Cloud, so we can work securely on your accounts from anywhere, gaining productivity that gives us (and you) more room to meet deadlines, whilst keeping our running costs (and your fees!) low.

Powerful connections in an agile package

We’re not the executive limo of the accounting world – expensive, corporate, isolating, impersonal.

We’re the nimble short-wheelbase that can climb anything, and it’s easy for you to talk to us because you’re sitting on the bench seat between us!

But like all the best off-roaders, there’s not only heavyweight expertise under the bonnet, it belongs to a respected club, too.

We’re ACCA-qualified accountants with an extensive background in specialist and general practice, domestic and international clients, and high net worth individuals, so although our focus is small and medium businesses, we’ve taken the wheel on bigger clients, too.

And our ‘club’ is a dedicated network of trusted specialists in value-add services like audit, will-writing, trusts, probate, lasting power of attorney – and all the other (non-financial) potential potholes in the road that many accountants do nothing to help you avoid!

4 X 4 ACCOUNTING – it’s what we’re all about (and other accountants aren’t)

You may have been in a 4 x 4 already – but not the way we drive it! Come and start your accounting journey with us today and learn what it feels like to have a co-driver helping you steer your business.

To make this even easier, the first meeting with us is free and we have ample free parking at our offices in Olney, which is easily accessible from Bedford, Milton Keynes, Northampton and the M1.

Get started today!

Our initial meeting is free – so if you are fed up with all accountants being the same, then come and meet us and be introduced to a new type of accountant and 4×4 Accounting.

We look forward to meeting you soon and introducing you to 4×4 Accounting. Please click here and arrange your free meeting.

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