Accountants who stop your startup from stalling

 new business startupsAccountants are probably the furthest thing from your mind now you’re insanely busy driving your new business at full pelt towards success!

But it can feel like HMRC, Companies House, insurers and banks are all out to get you when their forms start piling up on your desk. Then your core business stalls as you attempt to steer a path through the paperwork…

But we’re in the seat next to you. And we won’t let this happen.

For many years, startups like yours have trusted us to provide tailored packages that enable them to immediately focus on driving their business, not delivering bureaucracy.

Communicating with you through the same accountant every time (in plain English, not accountancy-speak!) we make sure that when you fire up your startup, you’ve got a clear idea of what we do for you, how it clears the road for your core business activities, and the fixed fee you’ll pay for it.

You’re in the driving seat – but we’ll kit you out to get you off the line quicker and make the ride smoother, with advice, registrations, contacts, documentation, accounting systems – in fact, whatever you need in the tank to really start motoring!

This all-terrain approach is part of our 4 x 4 Accounting philosophy – and it will take your business further, faster, sooner.

What 4 x 4 Accounting delivers to your startup – and why it’s different

Ask most accountants how they can help you set up a startup and they have a standard two-wheel-drive answer: they register you with Companies House and they inform HMRC.

Our 4 x 4 Accounting, on the other hand, goes ‘off piste’ to places traditional accountants just won’t venture, delivering added value to meet the specific needs of startups.

Here’s how we do it;

  • We make your business keep more of what it earns by structuring it more tax-efficiently
  • We help with the legals, because we can offer employment law advice and contracts of employment for your new business, through our associates
  • We support cashflow by advising you on opening a business bank account, and helping you with the paperwork, so that you’re not waiting to bank the proceeds from those all-important first sales!
  • We help protect you from risk by making sure you have the necessary insurances in place, through our associates
  • We take care of critical documentation, e.g. shareholders’ and directors’ agreements
  • We help set up your accounting system, whether manual or computerised, so that you’re rapidly ready to go with all the tools you need to manage your billing and cashflow

Of course, we also incorporate your company, register it with HMRC and register it for VAT – but there the similarities between us and traditional accountants end!

Become a 4 x 4 Accounting startup!

If you’re looking to push the start button on your startup, we’re keen to show you how our 4 x 4 Accounting services mark us out from the crowd.

To make this even easier, the first meeting is free and we have ample free parking at our offices in Olney, which is easily accessible from Bedford, Milton Keynes, Northampton and the M1.

Get started today!

We look forward to meeting you soon and introducing you to 4×4 Accounting. Please click here and let us move your business up a gear!

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