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Change your accountant and change your life !

Law of missing out – you read three quarters of an email and miss the only really important part, which is always found towards the end Law of probability – the probability of being watched is directly proportional to the … Continue reading

Why people engage accountants……..

Why people engage accountants…… HMRC: You owe us money. It’s called taxes. YOU: How much do I owe? HMRC: You have to figure that out. YOU: I can just pay what I want? HMRC: Oh, no. We can guess how … Continue reading

Beware of scams

A warning for you There are currently several scams circulating, all purporting to be communications from HMRC. One is a very threatening telephone call which states that you need to contact HMRC without delay or risk the legal consequences. The … Continue reading

Who came first, the accountants or the tax inspectors ?

An accountant and a tax inspector were having a drink and a chat away from their respective offices. They started discussing who was part of the more noble profession – accountants or tax inspectors. After a few drinks and various … Continue reading

Tax investigation protection

HMRC generated a record £28.9 billion during the last financial year from challenging accounts, tax returns and business records. A check can be much more thank just querying a single aspect of your tax return.  it could be a review … Continue reading

Secure client portal

Sometimes running a business can seem like an uphill struggle with the mountain of additional   paperwork being an insurmountable task. A recent survey carried out by Sage highlighted that 50% of businesses surveyed would be interested in sharing data online … Continue reading