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The importance of management accounts

Management accounts are financial statements that contain information like your profit and loss account, a balance sheet, and a cash flow forecast. They are usually produced on a monthly or quarterly basis, but why are they important, and why should … Continue reading

Accounting tips for self-employed

If you are self-employed, or are planning to become self-employed in the near future, one inevitable thing you have to deal with is accounts. This means managing money, keeping records, submitting tax returns, and more.   Your accountant will help … Continue reading

Accountant stereotypes you should ignore !

So, there are a lot of accountancy stereotypes out there. Some are based on mild truths whilst others are just ridiculous. It seems those who view accountancy as a role that wouldn’t be suited to them on a skills level … Continue reading

Getting the most from your accountant

Your accountant can help with many essential tasks in your business, like handling your tax returns or doing your annual accounts. An accountant can be much more than this though – they can be a real asset to your business … Continue reading

Starting up a new business ? Get an accountant now !

As a new business you will probably need to hire an accountant when it is time to prepare your first set of annual accounts and make your first tax return. Hiring an accountant before that would be unthinkable for many … Continue reading

Happy New Tax Year !!!

Happy New Tax Year !!! Yes, the 6th of April has rolled around again, the second new tax year in lockdown. Now is a great time to plan forward for the year, to think about where your business is going, … Continue reading

Tax Year End

The 2020/2021 tax year end is almost upon us so now is a good time to think about whether there is any action you need to take before the 5th of April. For example: Do you need to purchase any … Continue reading

Starting up a new business ?

Starting up a new business can be exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Where do I start ? Will I get enough customers and clients ? How will people know I’m here ? What tax will I have … Continue reading

Networking, love it or hate it ?

Networking……. When I first started up Levett & Associates I knew I needed to get out there and do some networking so that the world knew I was there. However, the idea filled me with dread. Just the thought of … Continue reading

The importance of having a qualified accountant on your team

Did you know that, unlike the term ‘solicitor’, legally anyone can call themselves an accountant, they don’t need to have any training qualifications or experience. I am a chartered certified accountant, regulated by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) … Continue reading