Beware of scams

A warning for you

There are currently several scams circulating, all purporting to be communications from HMRC.

One is a very threatening telephone call which states that you need to contact HMRC without delay or risk the legal consequences.

The voice is very obviously a pre-recorded message which I suspect the majority of people will realise is a scam however, individuals like this prey on the more vulnerable of society who may be scared into believing it is true and hand over personal or financial information.

The second is an authentic looking email again, alleging to be from a government department asking you to click on various links to provide further information.

These scams are becoming more commonplace so please be aware.

HMRC will never communicate with you in this way – if you do receive communications or telephone calls from HMRC never feel pressurised into providing information to them and, if necessary, ask them to contact you via post or via your accountant.

If you are having problems dealing with the tax man we can help and the first meeting is always free.

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