Networking, love it or hate it ?


When I first started up Levett & Associates I knew I needed to get out there and do some networking so that the world knew I was there. However, the idea filled me with dread. Just the thought of walking into a room full of strangers, full of seasoned networkers was enough to give me nightmares.

Little did I know that seven years on I would be an active member of a local networking group and encouraging my friends and clients to network themselves.

The ‘Associates’ in Levett & Associates started out being the fellow professionals that I already knew, people I had worked with in the past like tax planning experts and financial advisors. Once I started networking, my associates rapidly grew to include all types of businesses that might be of benefit to my clients, particularly start-up businesses, for example website design and SEO, logo and branding, insurance, HR, mortgage advisors, printing and corporate clothing.

My associates enable me to help my clients in all areas of their business whilst also referring potential new business to me.

Don’t underestimate the power of networking and don’t be afraid to try it for yourself. You might need to try a few to find the one that best fits you and your business but once you do it is a very powerful tool.

At the moment most, if not all, networking is being done online which is a far less scary prospect than walking into that room full of other people talking in groups so take the opportunity to visit and get to know people online and in the ‘safety’ of your own home.

Our networking group is friendly and informal and there’s no charge to come along and see what we are all about. See the link below for further information.

For any help or advice regarding how to grow your business or assistance with accountancy and tax affairs feel free to contact us. The first meeting is always free.

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