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Starting up a new business ?

Starting up a new business can be exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Where do I start ? Will I get enough customers and clients ? How will people know I’m here ? What tax will I have … Continue reading

Networking, love it or hate it ?

Networking……. When I first started up Levett & Associates I knew I needed to get out there and do some networking so that the world knew I was there. However, the idea filled me with dread. Just the thought of … Continue reading

The importance of having a qualified accountant on your team

Did you know that, unlike the term ‘solicitor’, legally anyone can call themselves an accountant, they don’t need to have any training qualifications or experience. I am a chartered certified accountant, regulated by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) … Continue reading

Budget Highlights Spring 2021

On Wednesday last week the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, delivered the Government’s Budget for 2021. In his speech, the Chancellor accounced extensions to a number of curernt Covid-19 schemes, alongside additional support for individuals and businesses. Some of the key highlights … Continue reading

Tax, tax and more tax !

Tax his land, tax his wage, tax the bed is which he lays Tax his tractor, tax his mule, teach him taxes is the rule Tax his cow, tax his goat, tax his pants, tax his coat Tax his ties, … Continue reading

Capital gains tax on property – pay and file within 30 days

Where a residential property is sold and both the exchange and completion dates fall on or after 06 April 2020, the vendor, or their agent, must file an online return of any taxable gain arising and pay the capital gains … Continue reading

Change your accountant and change your life !

Law of missing out – you read three quarters of an email and miss the only really important part, which is always found towards the end Law of probability – the probability of being watched is directly proportional to the … Continue reading

Why people engage accountants……..

Why people engage accountants…… HMRC: You owe us money. It’s called taxes. YOU: How much do I owe? HMRC: You have to figure that out. YOU: I can just pay what I want? HMRC: Oh, no. We can guess how … Continue reading

Beware of scams

A warning for you There are currently several scams circulating, all purporting to be communications from HMRC. One is a very threatening telephone call which states that you need to contact HMRC without delay or risk the legal consequences. The … Continue reading

Who came first, the accountants or the tax inspectors ?

An accountant and a tax inspector were having a drink and a chat away from their respective offices. They started discussing who was part of the more noble profession – accountants or tax inspectors. After a few drinks and various … Continue reading