Why people engage accountants……..

Why people engage accountants……

HMRC: You owe us money. It’s called taxes.

YOU: How much do I owe?

HMRC: You have to figure that out.

YOU: I can just pay what I want?

HMRC: Oh, no. We can guess how much you owe. But you need to guess it first. Or work it out properly – which we prefer.

YOU: What if I get it wrong?

HMRC: We’ll fine you or send you to prison!

YOU: I need help!!

Having a properly qualified (not-so-boring) accountant on your side can make dealing with HMRC a painless experience and can even minimise your tax liabilities

If you or anyone your know is having trouble dealing with HMRC or feels neglected by their accountant let them know that we can help and that the first meeting is always free

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